I2C communication protocol STM32 (Blue pill) on Arduino IDE Ended I need someone with good i2c protocol knowledge. I am building device which act as a master and slave at the same time and use i2c one on the SDA SCL as a Master and act as a slave on second i2c on the SDA1 and SCL1.
Oct 22, 2020 · The Blue Pill and Black Pill boards are also seeing a bit of an overhaul recently with updated versions featuring STM32F4-based MCUs. Although a bit more expensive than the STM32F103-based ...
the other big challenge is memory, on chip sram it at best like 64k, 128k, and if you are lucky 192k etc. stm32f103c8 blue pill has only 20k sram. to outdo all these challenges, you lay resort to fft etc, e.g. so that the wave tables is a fraction of the original size based on 'lossy' signal processing using fft.
I've been testing custom sleep function (STOP mode, external interrupts) and so far was able to run a blue pill + RFM69 with MySensors between 0.01 and 0.20 mA (inconsistent results, not sure yet why). A sketch with just blue pill ran consistently at 0.01 mA. Unfortunately my multimeter does not allow more accurate measurements.
Ya hemos visto cómo manejar con registros las entradas y salidas de Arduino, pero nos centrado en las correspondientes a las I/O digitales. Para el caso de las entradas y salidas analógicas hay muchos detalles que no se han visto.
ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with fallback web configuration portal. PlatformIO has its own build logic in a custom way of working and in those days they didn't want to expose
Je parle plus longuement de la BLUE PILL ICI. 1.3 Cartes alternatives Il y a aussi un certain nombre de cartes alternatives ARDUINO, les cartes MASSDUINO par exemple, équipées d'un processeur MD-328D , proche de l'ATMEGA328P.
[Blue pill] Zagadka zoologiczna. autor: ... [STM32] STM32F103 - Jak wygląda szybkość operacji na pinach. ... KiCAD Altium Eagle Inne Jak to działa – czyli ...